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        Copyright Dongguan Baiao Electronic Technology Co., LTD.,All Rights Reserved. Guangdong ICP 08026399

        Baiao Electronics Technology

        Baiao was established in 2 0 0 8 which located in Dongguan with over 200 employees and 2 0 0 0 0 square meters of manufacturing space. It has become one of the leading and professional OEM /ODM manufacturers, specialized in telecommunication products and peripherals.

        Our products includes HDTV Antenna, VHF/UHF Mobile/CB Antenna, WIFI/4G/5G/Antenna, Base Station /Marine Antenna, Antenna Mount, Antenna amplifiers, RF cable and other related accessories, which are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. We have also established firm relationship with global companies mainly from European, America and Asia-Pacific area etc.

        Baiao includes the following subsidiary company: Mingri Baiao(Hong Kong) Technology Co.,Ltd, Dongguan Baiao Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd, Jiangxi innovation Technology Co.,Ltd, Dongguan Jiachuang Hardware Co.,Ltd. Today, over 13 years on, we have been making great efforts to develop and expand through both domestic and international market. Currently we have 2 factories and a number of experienced engineers in the field with over decade of experiences in developing and researching antenna, equipped with advanced testing instruments, production equipment and management system to ensure high quality products. All of our items are strictly adhere to the ISO 9 0 0 1 Quality Control Systems.

        We always uphold the management principle of "heritage classic with innovation, pursuit of perfection in order to provide customers with excellent product solution and service. We look forward to customers from over all the world to build a long-term business relationship.


        Company Culture

        Mission: Create value for users, improve employee happiness, and develop

        for society Contribute;

        Vision: To become a valuable and warm global brand enterprise;

        Values: user-centered, sincere and dedicated;

        Business philosophy: Through continuous optimization, gradually build an

        efficient and viable organization.

        Strive for and create opportunities to provide users with valuable products

        and services so as to obtain reasonable returns.

        Company Culture

        All functional departments from production to operation and management are coordinated harmoniously. The goal of efficiency is to maximize the capabilities of equipment, people, and management.

        • Foreign trade team
        • Administration office
        • company activity
        • Product modeling
        • R&D Department
        • measurement
        • tourist activity
        • additional activity
        • Employee groups
        • injection molding workshop
        • manufacturing shop
        • finished goods warehouse
        Dongguan Baiao Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
        Map Emailsales@mrbatech.com Telephone Telephone:+86 7698109 0291
        Copyright Dongguan Baiao Electronic Technology Co., LTD.,All Rights Reserved. Guangdong ICP 08026399 Guangdong ICP 08026399